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Belgian Grand PrixBelgian Grand Prix
24 - 26 Aug 2018
Spa-Francorchamps // Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

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Brasserie de Bellevaux

Brasserie de Bellevaux

Rue de la Foncenale 1, 4960 Malmedy, Belgium Located on map ]

The farm of Josef and Frieda, located in the Valley of Bellevaux, used to be our gathering point en route to the village school. The children would place their muddy boots on the stonewall and during the winter they would park their sleighs next to the old tractor in the open barn. This was a place where time stood still.

When the elderly Josef and Frieda passed away, the farm was put up for sale. We did not hesitate for a moment: this unique place had to be preserved and protected. The buildings would offer the perfect backdrop for a dream project: the realization of a craft brewery that we have simply named Brasserie de Bellevaux. And, it was only natural to use the crest of the Patrons of Bellevaux as its logo.

Several local expert tradesmen joined us in the challenge to transform the farm into a brewery without disturbing the harmony of the countryside. With patience, perseverance and dedication, the old structures and natural beauty have now been gracefully united with an ultra-modern state of the art brewing installation from Japan.

It is not obvious to brew a beer that deserves a place in the rich Belgian beer tradition. Aspirations to brew the highest quality of ale products and careful refinement of taste and formula has resulted in four characteristic beers referred to as Blonde, Brune, Black and Blanche. Ardennes spring-water, the finest ingredients and craftsmanship are at the base of the beer at Brasserie de Bellevaux.

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